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I am trying to write, the most important for me is learning the language, and that is a little trouble, but you can lough, criticize and help. The other trouble is my poor knowledge of internet and managing the blog. Whatever, I will try to translate my essays , poems and stories.

I live in Zagreb, Croatia all my life. Now I am trying to connect my ideas with my reality

Word is for ever, Time is a place, Midnight is 00:01 – 01:59 , Jesus really died  (a sin doesn’t exist any more ),  Ideas comes when thinking stopping, Prayers  killed  the Berlin wall, Three children are  surviving  me, Humans cannot be objective , Love  is a fact, Baptized on April, 15. 1995. catholic,

Female ,55 y, 55kg, 155 cm, Measures: 90-70-90-, Eyes: blue or alike, Hair: long, black and white, Nose: little down, Lips: wet opposite, Neck: tinny and short, Bones: elastic  and small

Wanted: never

Search: coffee  black and  cigarettes

Like: theology, words

Question>: what’s between 01:59 – 02:01 ( it lasts so long ) ?

  1. Your blog is wonderful ! I just nominated you for beautiful blogger award. Have a look at


  2. I personally wanted to stop by to read some more of your writings and to thank you for liking “Life Changing Words”, “Discipline” and “Loving and Letting Go”. Keep on writing because you do have a wonderful blog.


  3. Thanks, hoped so

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